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CEO Roundtables

Connect with other regional small business leaders and exchange ideas and best practices at a CEO Roundtable. Roundtables are free to small business owners/decision maker members only, and these peer groups work like an advisory board for your business. They consist of groups of eight non-competitive peers that meet once a month for two hours to confidentially discuss issues, concerns and celebrate successes they have had with their business.


To join a CEO Roundtable group, an applicant must hold the position of CEO or equivalent in his or her company with broad management responsibilities including overall financial, personnel and operating oversight. The applicant must have been a CEO or equivalent for at least one year. The applicant’s company must have at least $250,000 in annual revenues and must be a member in good standing with the Connection.

Meeting Information

Meetings will occur on a monthly basis and will last two hours long. Each CEO roundtable will determine its meeting date and location, but rotating among group members’ businesses is encouraged. Facilitators may choose their own topic based upon the needs of the members.


CEO Roundtable members must attend at least 75 percent of the monthly group meetings.  Failure to do so will result in automatic dismissal from the group. Members will be expected to arrive on time and stay for the duration.


Confidentiality is absolutely critical to the success of CEO Roundtables. A breach of confidentiality will result in immediate dismissal from the program. All members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


There will be no cost for the CEO Roundtable, but you must be a Chamber member in good standing to attend.

Facilitator Information

Each Roundtable will elect a facilitator who will lead discussion and organize the group including meeting dates, times and locations. The facilitator will serve for one calendar year.

The Roundtable may elect additional officers such as secretary, meeting coordinator, treasurer, timekeeper, etc. as they wish.

All facilitators must attend facilitator training before they begin in their role.  Facilitators only serve for one year at a time and their terms end in December.  They are responsible for finding their own replacement by November.  The new facilitator will receive training in December and will begin their new role in January of the following year. 

Additional CEO Roundtable Norms and Rules

All CEO Roundtables are self-governing and may develop additional rules as needed.  CEO Roundtables choose your own meeting location, but rotating among member’s businesses is highly encouraged.

CEO Roundtable group members may not compete with each other.  If members choose to do business with each other, this must be fully disclosed to the group.

CEO Roundtable members will self-select.  All prospective new members will be presented to the group and one ‘no vote’ from an existing member will disqualify the new member from joining the group.  An existing member may be removed from the group by a majority vote of existing members.

If a member wishes to join a different group, he or she should let the facilitator know.  The facilitator will then coordinate with Annette Bowles to find the member a new group.

The Chamber will survey all CEO Roundtable participants on a semiannual basis to determine member satisfaction and areas of improvement for the program.



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