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Small Business Council Feb003

Committees are vital to the mission of the Small Business Connection.

We encourage small businesses to provide their input on our efforts, and we use these groups to hear what Northeast Oklahoma small businesses require to grow and evolve with the times.

Marketing Committee: A closed committee dedicated to providing exclusive, forward thinking information for our Link newsletter.

Programs Committee: Open to small business owners and their employees, this committee works to provide small businesses with the tools they need to effectively lead and grow. .

Events Committee: Available for owners and employees to participate in, this group creates and improves our social and networking events for small businesses.

Member Connect Committee: One of the most vital groups to the Small Business Connection, the membership committee greets new members and works with existing members to promote all events and programs of the Connection.

Legislative Committee: This group works closely with the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s Government Affairs Division to lead the way on advocacy for small businesses on the city, state and federal levels. It is a great opportunity for novice small business advocators to become more involved in government and where their tax dollars go.

If interested, please contact Kathy Duck by email at or by phone at 918.560.0294.

Tulsa's largest small business network is here to help you.